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State parks and their visitors appreciate administrative professionals

Over the last two months, the people you’ll often meet first at North Carolina’s state parks – office assistants and processing assistants – have undergone training to increase efficiency and provide an even better experience for millions of visitors.

These men and women have been expanding their professional knowledge during the slower winter months in preparation for the busier summer season. And now that the threat of ice and snow is past, they are putting this new knowledge to good use.

Acting not only as receptionists, cashiers, and record keepers, the state parks system’s administrative professionals also perform duties as reservation agents, accounting clerks, and hiring managers, keeping office functions running smoothly in each park. Such skills are gleaned through training sessions held by state parks reservation system trainers, instructors from the Office of State Personnel, and the parks system’s own Administrative Professional Council. In addition, the administrative professionals from state parks near and far learn from colleagues while at the training, a less formal but no less effective training method.

So today, Administrative Professionals Day, rest assured that the owner of that friendly voice on your favorite park’s phone line or that smiling face greeting you in the visitor center has been gearing up behind the scenes for what will certainly be a busy summer of fun for North Carolina’s outdoor enthusiasts. Be sure to ask them what they like best about helping to make your visit to our naturally wonderful North Carolina state parks an enjoyable one.

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